Steel City Blues Festival 2017

March 17-19, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks to everyone who made our 10th year of Steel City a huge success and we can’t wait to see you all again in 2018!
(Now get some sleep!)

2017 Competition Winners!

Open Jack ‘n Jill

First: Andi Hansen & Chris Carey
Second: Laura Chieko & Jake Robbins-Spevack
Third: Shane Clark & Forrest Rogers-Marcovitz

Newcomer Jack ‘n Jill

First: Annie Salorio & Nick Jones
Second: Matt Lawther & Felicia Bode
Third: Liahann Jones & Khalil Norman

Solo Riffin’

First: Kara Fabina
Second: Sarah Elise
Third: Paris Ashley

We also want to take a few 1’s and 0’s here to thank the judges who help make competitions like this possible!

The Judges

Flouer Evelyn Jenny Sowden
Dan Legenthal Dan Repsch
Julie Brown Mike Legenthal
Tim O’Neill Philippe Wilson
Forrest Rogers-Markovitz Nick DeWitt
Grace Jones-Taylor Laney Barhaugh
Ross Blythe

Thanks to all our 2017 instructors!

Julie Brown & Tim O’Neill
Jenny Sowden & Dan Repsch
Mike & Dan Legenthal
Flouer Evelyn & Philippe Wilson

and our musical delights!

Miss Freddye’s Blues Band
Cash Box Kings
Mitch Littler


Unless otherwise credited, thanks to Devon Rowland Photography & Ben Hejkal Photography for capturing the joy of Steel City in the photos on this site.