Check out these amazing instructors from across the country:

Julie Brown & Tim O’Neill
Jenny Sowden & Dan Repsch
Mike & Dan Legenthal
Flouer Evelyn & Philippe Wilson

Julie Brown

Julie BrownJulie’s expressive dancing and joyful, playful connection are known throughout the country. With a background in performance and solo dance, she is best known for her solo blues, artistic choreography, and seamlessly integrating following with expression.

As a teacher, Julie presents material with a caring and light-hearted tone. She carefully crafts her classes and continuously tailors her material to fit the crowd at hand. Julie teaches regularly in her hometown of Boston, and has taught workshops everywhere from California to London.

A hard-working competitor, Julie has also won many national competitions, including bluesSHOUT 2014 All Star Jack & Jill, Steel City Blues 2014 Open Jack & Jill, Enter the Blues 2014 Strictly & Choreography Competition, and many more.

Tim O’Neill

Tim and JulieWhy should you take classes with Tim? Here is what some of his friends, teachers, and students have said about him: He is a natural teacher and could teach fantastic classes without much effort, but still puts a huge amount of effort into planning. The classes create a comprehensive and fulfilling experience that carries a broader message about the relationship of the dancer to the community, the dance, and its history. But teaching is ultimately about the personal and individual investment in the student; Tim is sincerely inspired by the progress and happiness of anyone who works with him. He is honored to have that experience and is motivated by a deep sense of responsibility to his students. In class Tim is commanding, engaging, direct, and humble.

Since 1997 Tim has studied and taught Blues, Lindy, Ballroom, and Argentine Tango. He has won over a dozen Blues competition titles and is invited to teach at the biggest Blues events in the world. His teaching philosophy is that the best way to dance is to have fun, and learning dance enhances that ability. And he is really excited to see you at Steel City Blues 2017!

Jenny Sowden

Jenny Sowden is an award winning, full-time, international dance instructor based in New York City where she is the managing director of Brooklyn Swings and Jenny has been training in dance for over twenty-five years and teaching for over twenty, with a BA in Dance and Theater from San Diego State University. She has studied 34 different styles of movement including Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, West African, Capoeira, Aikido, Tango, Salsa, Lindy hop, Balboa, and Blues. Her background influences her teaching and general style through musicality, variety, expression and an understanding of body mechanics. Jenny believes the dance floor is a ‘World of Yes,’ where by constantly accepting and being inspired by what happens, creates an amazing place to be. We then take classes in a ‘World of Intention’ to expand our ‘World of Yes.’ Find out more at

Dan Repsch

Dan is immersed in the music and the movement. He constantly travels to continue learning, happily sharing his ideas along the way. In his teaching, Dan’s enthusiastic approach brings a focus on innovation, connection, and attention to your partner. Dan is also a veteran DJ, spinning for events across the continent and locally on a weekly basis, and has dabbled in organizing for events and local dances. In the end, Dan is most excited to push his dancing and to see his students break through their boundaries.

Mike Legenthal

Mike Legenthal is a passionate aficionado of jazz and blues, known all over the world for her friendliness, teaching skills, following, and expression. She embodies vibrant energy and technical precision, and strives to make every social dance the best possible. Whether at residencies, international workshops, or private trainings, she brings preparation and flexibility every time. Her classes can involve students morphing into robots or seaweed, standing on one foot blindly, or analyzing chord changes- always in pursuit of art. Regardless of subject, she always brings abstract and concrete topics, plenty of levity, and homework, to help students improve long after class ends.

Dan Legenthal

Dan is a bit of a Jack of All Trades. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA in May of 2009 with a B.F.A. in Classical Guitar Performance. While there, he also studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. Somewhere along the way Dan began dancing, and what started as a casual attraction became a full-on addiction.

Flouer Evelyn

Currently Flouer is the Director of Blues Dance New York through which she teaches private and group lessons full time. With over 18 years of training in various forms of partner dance, having performed and competed throughout Europe, North and South America, and acquiring her MFA in Dance; Flouer presents a very contextual, wholistic approach to Blues. In her classes this approach often translates into encouraging individual artistry while paying close attention to connection, technique, and historical references. Dance classes are about people- they should be interactive, interesting, and FUN! Flouer is deeply dedicated to furthering the art of Blues dancing, and believes that people physically moving and learning together can lead to powerful experiences.,

Philippe Wilson

Recently referred to as Blues Dance’s “best kept secret lead”, Philippe is all about listening to the music and his partner, and interpreting both with exquisite flair. He combines precise leads with musical integrity, creating a dynamic dance that feels ooey-gooey in all the right ways. Although Philippe has rocked some competitions (1st place Blues Shout Pro-Am, 1st place Blues Muse J&J), his first and true love is social dancing. Philippe learned to dance and teach in Austin, TX, where you can dance to live music nearly 8 nights a week. He now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he’s designing very cool things for very cool mobile devices (i.e. he’s fluent in geek speak).

Guest Instructors

Grace Jones-Taylor

Grace’s rhythmic, playful movement took the blues scene by storm. Entering the scene in 2011 with a movement background in dressage and bareback riding, she fell in love with the blues, began her intensive and ongoing training, and burst into national finals and organizing regularly by 2013. Known for her innovative exploration within the blues idiom and contrast between jank and elegance, Grace seems to live within the music.

Laney Barhaugh

Laney is a blues dance instructor, organizer, and DJ. She has been dancing Lindy Hop and blues for over 10 years, with some dabbling in tango and hip hop. She also loves lifting heavy things – it has given her confidence, better quality of movement, and has completely changed her dancing. She loves shaking her booty to any genre of music that encourages it. As a teacher, her goals are to integrate a little history and a little musicality into every lesson.

Ross Blythe

A favorite on the social floor for his rhythmic play and clear lead allowing for effortless follow expression, Ross inspires his partners and onlookers alike. His movement background in martial arts and sport fencing affords him a grounded strength and athletic balance, giving rise to precise, secure changes between shapes and directions. Ross was drawn to the blues idiom because of its emphasis on personal expression in relation to a partner and the breadth of tempo and style within blues music. As a teacher Ross builds layered classes to challenge all levels, balances technique with application, and chooses appropriate music to support each exercise. Met with overwhelming competitive success, Ross has placed 1st at a number of contests within the last two years: BluesSHOUT 2015 Open Strictly (Chicago, IL), North Star Blues 2016 JnJ (Minneapolis, MN), Austin Blues Party 2016 Social JnJ (Austin, TX), Snowbound Blues 2016 All Star Strictly, and Sweet Molasses Blues 2016 Advanced JnJ (Boston, MA).

Joey Science

Joey Science started swing dancing in 2005, and still can’t wrap their head around where the time has gone. Since 2005, Joey has fallen madly in love with both lindy hop and blues dancing, and recently launched headfirst into learning Saint Louis Shag. Joey is actively training in both lead and follow roles, and finds that each role is important and exciting in its own way. Joey is an outspoken feminist, and ridiculously loud about it.